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Fascial Stretch Therapy & Fitness Centre
Fascial Stretch Therapy & Fitness Centre
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519-533-1322 |
1269 Commerce Way, Woodstock, ON
Discover How You Can Increase Your Mobility & Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain So That You Can Get Back To Living The Life You Deserve 
Introducing Fascial Stretch Therapy...
Fascial Stretch Therapy is a table based assisted stretching technique that stretches muscle and fascia, together known as myosfascia. This technique is done in such a way to calm your nervous system, making it a relaxing experience. The techniques we use, allow a deeper stretch at different angles than you could achieve on your own. 

Unlike other types of therapy, FST uses a full body approach to release tight muscles and sore joints because everything is connected.

Imagine putting on a pair of tight jeans, think of the way you would move, restricted and tight, you may have a hard time bending down.
Now, imagine putting on a pair of loose, pyjama pants and think of how much easier and fluid your movements are when you aren't restricted by the tight jeans. When you come to an FST session, when you lay down it's like you've got those tight jeans on and when you get up, your joints and tissues will feel looser like you've put on pyjamas.
If you haven't experienced one of our FST sessions than I highly suggest that you click the button below to book your first time trial appointment for ONLY $20!!
See What Others Had To Say About FST...
Book Your First Time Session For ONLY $20!!
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Group Training Sessions
Discover How You Can Lose Weight, Get Stronger And Be Part Of An Amazing Community
More Than Just Fitness Classes... Get Personal Training At A Fraction Of The Cost.
Back in 2016 we had a vision to make personal training affordable for everyone. You see most private personal training packages cost between $5000-$10,000 per year. AND at that price it is only available to the super wealthy. So we thought that there has got to be a better way.

So we decided to offer all of the benefits of working with a personal trainer but at a price that anyone could afford.

The only difference is that each session is done in a group atmosphere to reduce the cost... PLUS there are actually studies that prove that working out in a group atmosphere actually helps you get faster results because it pushes you a little bit harder each rep. AND you get to make new friends and be part of an amazing community to help support you.

Now you'll still get all of the benefits of a personal trainer such as:

- Professionally designed workouts
- Proper form to ensure safety
- Meal plan & nutrition guide
- Professional accountability
- Support and motivation
- Nutrition coaching

So instead of just joining a random fitness class where the instructor is out the door before you are or trying to do your workouts all by yourself, why not work directly with a personal trainer to help you get maximum results in a fun, safe and non-intimidating atmosphere.

Plus each of our group training sessions are specifically designed to help you shed your unwanted body fat, build muscle and get you in the best shape of your life. 

Sound Good?
How about you see for yourself?

Test drive our membership for 7 days for ONLY $7...
It Doesn't Take Long To Make A Breakthrough When You Follow Our Proven System...
"I got started with Natural Motion in the fall on a whim, to try and drop a few pounds and keep working out through the winter. I did not expect the results I got in that short amount of time, and couldn't imagine my life without them! The support you get is real and genuine, the other members of the group are so welcoming and you feel like you belong! I can't say enough good things about everyone I've met - they truly all feel like family! I'm already halfway to the goal I set for myself, and really looking forward to seeing what more I can do!" 

- Lynn Hickey
Lost 27 pounds and dropped 17 inches
"When I entered the Challenge last November I wanted to just lose a bit of weight for my Trip to Bahamas in January. The meal plan they provided, together with the classes I participated in helped me lose 9lbs in those 21 days. I signed up then and there... they encourage you to be better and better and help you along that journey. I feel better than I have in a LONG time and my age is no longer my excuse for not being as fit and healthy as I can be. Thanks to all the Natural Motion "support staff" for ALL that you do."

- Jen Jury
Lost 25.5 pounds and dropped 25.7 inches
"Gary and Alyssa are awesome people! The support and help they give you when you're going through the challenges is incredible. Anything that you need help with, they're there. I was above 300lbs when I started with there 6 week challenge and now I am down to 243lbs. It's been a huge change for me!! I just recently pulled out a pair of 38" jeans that were too big for me and I used to be up to a size 44". Make that first step and sign up...Everything is so much fun and the community of people is amazing."

- Will Carter 
Lost 50 pounds and dropped 27.2 inches
"Finding Natural Motion has been one of the best things in my life. I've been to numerous gyms and tried many other weight loss programs but they were just not for me. From the second I started I basically felt like I found a new family. They actually care and genuinely want you to reach your goals. Everyone I've met are very welcoming and I couldn't be happier with my decision to get started!I've regained my confidence and I can't thank you both enough for all that you guys do!!"

- Jen Mckelvey
Lost 29.7 pounds and dropped 20 inches
"The classes and challenges offered at natural motion are exceptional, instructors are amazing, knowledgeable, always willing to help and support & give new ways to challenge yourself for best results. I’ve tried a lot of different options but I’ve definitely found my fitness home here. Great bunch of staff and clients. I love POUND class, strong and boot camps. Highly recommend to anyone of any fitness level, there is something for everyone! So happy I found this facility! 😊"

- Ashley Lamore
Lost 11.4 pounds and dropped 10 inches
Love this place! Have only been here for about 5 weeks now but have been coming to lots of classes. I'm hooked!!!! I was feeling very challenged( not defeated) at first because it's been a Very long time since I have exercised regularly. I'm close to 60 and have struggled with my weight for years. At the same time though, during each class I kept building confidence and started really feeling stronger and better plus visibly started seeing results from all my hard work. The staff here are very friendly, knowledgable and supportive. Not intimidating at all. I wish I had joined here sooner. If you are thinking of making some changes for the better for yourself don't hesitate. You deserve to be the healthiest fittest version of yourself. Natural Motion Health can help you achieve it.😍😍😍

- Susan George
Lost 10 pounds and dropped 10 inches in just 6 weeks
Meet Our Fantastic Team...
Alyssa Hazeleger
Co-Owner, Fascial Stretch Therapist, 
Personal Trainer
BSC KIN, FST Lvl 2, HLC Lvl 1
Gary Hazeleger
Co-Owner, Fitness & Nutrition Coach
FOCA Lvl 1, PN Lvl 1, 

Sarah Eaton
Fascial Stretch Therapist, Personal Trainer,
Strong & Pound Instructor
FST Lvl 1, CanFitPro, KB DTS
Valerie Crick
Fitness Client Manager,
Fascial Stretch Therapist, Personal Trainer, 
ACE Lvl 1, FST Lvl 1
Drew Smith
Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Registered Chiropractor,
Kelly Brown
Yoga Instructor,
200hr RYT
Trisha O'Shea
Yoga Instructor,
200hr RYT
Pricing Options
Group Training Sessions:
Single Session - $17.69
10 Pack - $164.99 

BUT if you attend 2 or more sessions per week it is cheaper to get an unlimited membership...PLUS you get all of the additional perks listed below.

Our membership is specifically designed to provide you with personal training, nutrition coaching, accountability and an amazing community all wrapped up into one low monthly payment.

This is more than just a gym membership!!

Unlimited Fitness Membership Includes:
  •  Unlimited Group Training Sessions ($2364 value)
  •  Monthly Nutrition Consults ($720 value)
  •  Accountability Coaching ($600 value)
  •  Weekly Weigh-Ins and Measurements ($520 value)
  •  Goal and Progress Tracking with Fit Clients Software ($120 value)
  •  Access to Our Private Facebook Community ($120 value)
  •  Meal Plan & Nutrition Guide ($100 value)
  •  Be Part Of Our Fit Family (Priceless)
Total Value: $6974.00
What you pay: $147/month
*Values are based on a 12 month period
Call 519-535-3980 or email to book a FREE consultation
Fascial Stretch Therapy
FST Trial Session - $20
(For first time clients only - Limited 1 per person)
FST Level 1 Therapist:
30 min session - $49.99
60 min session - $84.99
90 min session - $124.99

We offer a variety of different package options to drop the cost to as low as $62 per 60 min session.

Give us a call for more details at 519-533-1322
*All prices are excluding HST